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Our objective is simple.  We give you the tools to liberate yourself from any form of dependence, restriction, or limitation.

We focus on providing the vehicles for freedom in three areas: Health, Wealth, and Happiness.



All your friends, family, and associates make purchases that are needed products, not wanted products. When they purchase those items through mega-retail chains or service providers, those profits go to the corporation they purchased from. Wouldn’t you prefer those profits benefit you and not some corporation? And don’t you think your friends and family would prefer that too?


 ‘R’Revolution provides the needed tools and services to both liberate them from the debt cycle, energy loss, and stress spiral we all struggle with…as well as the needed products we use every day. The difference? We provide the platform to enrich you with those purchases, rather than the big retail corporations.



You don’t even have to sell. We provide you your own website url and your own personalized business cards, and you simply share those with your friends and family. And then you can choose for yourself if you would like to follow up with them, or if you would like us to. And since these are such needed products, there’s no hard selling required at any step of the process. Simply show them the opportunity. And see if it fits what they’re looking for.


Then we send you a nice profit paycheck within 1 day of their purchases.


And that’s it!

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We are happy to accept El Paso 'R' Revolution as our exclusive member in the category of Marketing Consultants for the city of El Paso. Since SmartGuy only allows one professional per category/city, we pride ourselves in accepting businesses offering great service and fair pricing. With so many companies in El Paso, we recommend you consider El Paso 'R' Revolution when in need of a professional in the Marketing Consultants category.

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