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Target Marketing Resources best Marketing in Columbus GA

Target Marketing Resources reaches some of the most desirable demographic segments in our area and provides local businesses with tools to help them convert these prospects into customers.

Finally, a Fast, Easy and Affordable Way to get your business online! We're a local marketing and web design firm, helping small businesses get online quickly, affordably and effectively with our Target Marketing Websites.  Don't spend more than you need to on a new website for your business. We have the latest technology, the best prices, and superior customer service. We're eager to help your business succeed online. Let's work together!  For more info on our websites visit 

Can your business prosper from these methods? Can you reach these markets? Personal referrals and online video ads  rank higher than radio and television when it comes to "reader believability". Target Marketing Resources will provide you the penetration into these markets, through our integrity with this loyal customer base.
Save time and money by utilizing Target Marketing Resources to target your advertising message and realize greater results from your advertising budget!

Contact us for more information or to receive one of our Media Kits today! Or, If you prefer, you can simply contact our Marketing Consultant, Jim Waller and have him put something together for you that will be the perfect plan for your business. You can reach him at 770-400-0890 or email

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