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Deluxe Beauty Group, Inc. best make up artist in San Diego CA

Deluxe Brows is a well-renowned permanent makeup company in the USA, offering the best makeup training & course for all levels of artists.  We offer experienced artist support programs like Novice and Advanced.

We are dedicated to providing first-rate permanent makeup training in all of the most popular permanent makeup techniques applied manually or with the machine.  At Deluxe Brows® we offer a variety of permanent makeup training formats to suit the needs of all learners in recognition of the high costs of travel. 

New permanent makeup learners and experienced permanent makeup artists may access supported on-line training, face-to-face permanent makeup training at any one the many Deluxe Brows® branches scattered across the globe, or may opt for a combination of distance and contact permanent makeup education. 

Deluxe Brows® master instructors support all learners before, during and after every permanent training program in building their skill and confidence.  Because we want all Deluxe Brows® graduates of our permanent makeup training programs to be able to produce the most beautiful and flawless work, regardless of which permanent makeup techniques they are trained in, and we have meticulously developed a full complement of Deluxe Brows® products to ensure all permanent makeup training graduates are able to perform flawless beautiful work.  That is the Deluxe Brows® permanent makeup training guarantee!

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Mon - Fri: 10AM - 5PM

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2535 Camino del Rio South
San Diego CA USA, 92108
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