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In early 2001, my wife Maria and I set out to start our own business. Working on the proverbial “shoestring” budget, we set-up shop in our two car garage. We invested in a few pieces of used equipment and purchased the special software required for processing mailing lists. After a few weeks of practice and training, we were ready for business. That’s when we ran into our first bump in the road. I called the local Yellow Page provider and was informed that I had missed the publication deadline by two days. They politely told me to call back in about 11 months. Fortunately, we had decided to start a direct mail marketing business and as a result we could market with direct mail very cost effectively. So we designed our first postcard, purchased our first mailing list, printed our first run of postcards, addressed them, and delivered them to the post office.

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9am5pm MF
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