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Looking for the best Life Coach in Henderson NV?

The Joyblessings business as a LifeForce Energy Healer is validated by science. Joy has been gifted with the ability to harness LifeForce Energy and transmit it to anyone, anywhere on this planet. 

She is committed to the Science of LifeForce Energy and is now ushering in a new era of human health and wellness. Several years ago Joy suffered from symptoms of Lyme disease, recovered, and now assists others with similar struggles.

Her ability to help individuals in various areas such as; achieving better quality sleep, becoming more self-confident, experiencing more profound inner peace, increasing energy levels, realizing positive shifts in prosperity, health, and perception is well known.

She has created several programs like Tracheal collapse, Lyme disease treatment, Life force energy and many more. Joy’s Lyme Recovery Program supports and nourishes while addressing the areas of fatigue, brain fog, depression and anxiety attacks.

Joy's mission is to aide humanity and help them live their lives to their highest potential, by raising their consciousness through the Trivedi Effect®. can assist you. Give her a call or visit her website for a wealth of information.

Hours of Operation

Monday            7AM–8PM
Tuesday            7AM–8PM
Wednesday    7AM–8PM
Thursday         7AM–8PM
Friday                7AM–8PM
Saturday          7AM–8PM
Sunday             7AM–8PM
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2243 Twin Falls Drive
Henderson NV USA, 89044
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