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Hey, it’s me, Coach Honza!

My name is Honza Zobal, born in 1976 in the Czech Republic, back then, known as Czechoslovakia. At the age of 26, I have decided to travel to England with great hope of gaining new exciting life experiences. Years went by faster than I noticed, and today, after nearly 15 years (2018), I am still living in here.

The journey wasn’t always easy. My knowledge of the English language back then, was quite limited, especially during the first months, which also reflected the jobs opportunities I had or better say, didn’t have. But I am a hard worker and gradually, month by month, year by year I was gaining valuable knowledge, skills, and most of all, I have grown as a person. Then finally, I started enjoying life to its fullest potential.

My love for travelling, exploring places, learning about new cultures, and tasting foods, that I’ve never tasted before was a dream coming true.

In 2012 I’ve joined Network Marketing company which specialized in Travel industry because travel is my biggest passion in life and through their absolutely amazing training system I’ve discovered another passion. Helping others to transform their lives and help them to move from where they 

are to where they want to be.

Mid 2012 I’ve started work on self-development and started my first real deal course, “Train the trainer” with America's no 1 coach, speaker, and best selling author Jack Canfield.

Since that my life change rapidly and learning new skills become another passion of mine. And the next logical step was to start using what I learned and start teaching others. So I started my coaching officially in 2015.

I could write much more about me, but honestly, this is not my favourite thing to do. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact me for a FREE session and let's talk…….

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