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Sun Power Lawn Care LLC  

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About Company

Since 2014

Sun Power Lawn Care LLC best Lawn Maintenance in Gainesville FLSun Power Lawn Care Best Lawn Maintenance in Gainesville FL

Why choose Sun Power Lawn Care?
Our staff go through industry specific training so every lawn we care for is the best lawn in the neighborhood.
To ensure your high quality lawn, we cut grass with sharp blades to a height that reduces weeds, insects and disease.

Do you work from home?
Do you have a sleeping baby?
Would you love having a quiet lawn care service?
Our electric mowing equipment makes for a peaceful atmosphere around your home and business. Call now for your FREE quote! 352-507-5296

Green Business Owner Gainesville FL
Tom Snogles founded Sun Power Lawn Care in 2014.
Tom started his career in landscape maintenance with a summer job working for Test Valley Borough Council in the UK. This experience fostered his thirst for horticultural knowledge and his subsequent  attendance and graduation from Sparsholt Agricultural College. He came to the USA  in 2007 working for 7 years installing/maintaining landscapes, irrigation, and lawn care establishing a life in our lovely Gainesville. His passion for mother natures beauty and her need for protection gave him the inspiration to try something different and unique. Starting with an idea, Sun Power Lawn Care has blossomed into a growing green business in the heart of Gainesville.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Nearly always available by text, email and facebook messenger.

4923 Northwest 6th Street
Gainesville FL USA, 32609
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