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Professional Legal Resource Group, Inc.

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Professional Legal Resource Group, Inc. best Investigators in Fairfax VA

Professional Legal Resource Group is a FULL-SERVICE Private Investigation agency, Licensed in the State of Virginia. 

Our Private Investigators have handled thousands of cases with a large diversity of backgrounds including Law, Law Enforcement, Finance and Accounting, Computer Forensics and Covert Government Services.

Our PLRG, Inc. Private Investigator Teams are assigned to cases by their individual specialties.

•       Criminal Defense Preparation
• Infidelity Investigation
• Pre-employment Investigation
• Blackmail Investigation 
• Embezzlement Investigation
• Personal Injury Investigation
• Suicide Investigation
• Asset Searches
•       Employee Theft Investigation
• Background Investigation 
• Homicide Investigation
• Sexual Harassment Investigation
• Narcotics Investigation
• Insurance Fraud Investigation
• Workman's Compensation Investigation
• Witness Location and Interviews
• Criminal Court Records Investigation 
• Civil Court Records Investigation

We are multilingual: English, Russian, and Spanish.

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4000 Legato Drive, Suite 1100
Fairfax VA USA, 22033
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Professional Legal Resource Group, Inc.
+1 (703) 574-3902
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