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You understand the value of using a mortgage broker or insurance broker - they bring more options to the table. We are essentially, a cloud services broker: We aren't captive to one vendor. Instead, we can research ALL the vendors for the best fit for your needs, gather competitive bids, present them to you with our best recommendation, all at no cost to you. We remain vendor neutral and are only compensated (by the vendor) IF we can help you. Whatever your needs, we will connect you with the top engineers in their fields to architect the exact solutions you need.
Cloud UCaaS (hosted VoIP) offers much better technology to assist businesses with an enhanced customer experience, better productivity, complete mobility, easier management, simple scalability, more robust analytics, easy integrations, better security, complete compliance, significant cost savings, and can even provide hybrid solutions with your on-prem system.
Utilize our connections with all the major service providers to help you move your company to the cloud. There is no cost for our help and no reason to wait! 

SD-WAN, SIP Trunks, Access Security, Body Cams for law enforcement, Video Surveillance, Mobility Management, Disaster Recovery and Data Backup, Internet Service, Free Long Distance, and more.


We are now in a period of traditional phone services "winding down" and businesses MUST move to the new world of IP communications. OTG Consulting is positioned to help navigate businesses through the many options. We partner with all the best telecommunications and Information Technology service providers to find the very best solutions for your business. We will upgrade your services, enhance your security, and save you money. This is all we do!

As the last of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) providers end those services (google: Avaya - the largest provider quits PSTN), you don't want to wait until the rush hits to switch to cloud based solutions. Avaya will be pushing all their customers to ONE vendor, but there are dozens and dozens of excellent vendors available that may provide better services tailored specifically to your business, rather than a "One Size Fits All" solution. Examine your options now and be prepared, not caught in the scramble at the last minute. There is no good reason to wait. Cloud based UCaaS (VoIP) and hosted PBX offers much more in technological improvements, and cost much less than your on premise system. We have hybrid solutions as well. We partner with every major cloud service provider, allowing us to find the perfect solution for your needs. We will look at your companies current and future needs and architect the perfect solutions to meet those needs, at no cost to you.

Isn't it time to upgrade your telecommunications to 21st century technology? Start with one line or one department if you like. When you are confident of the positive changes, you can scale up as slowly or as quickly as you wish.

In the rapidly changing world of cyber security, it is imperative that your business stays on the cutting edge with the most advanced SaaS, BaaS, and DRaaS. The average security breach cost companies about 4$ million, with ransomware being one of the biggest threats facing business owners. That's where we come in: We provide a complete review of the telecom and IT services you currently have, architect a plan to improve and update those services as well as prepare for future needs and growth, utilyze our long standing relationships with hundreds of service providers to negotiate the absolute best pricing for you, include multiple competitive bids for you to review, and we do all this at no cost. That's right, we provide completely free consulting services and if you decide to implement one of our proposals, the vendors pay us - not you. We will also be your single point of contact for any technical issues that arise so you don't have to spend valuable time trying to resolve them directly with the vendors. Keep in mind that we work with all of the best vendors worldwide and remain vendor neutral, so you are assured of the best telecom and IT solutions for your needs.

Better Telecom and IT Solutions - the best Information Technology Services in the Vancouver, WA area.

Looking for the best, next generation telecom and IT solutions, VoIP phone services and Telephony including mobile phone service and support, email with voicemail, Unified messaging (UM), Instant Messaging and Presence (IM & P), Soft Clients, Communications enabled Applications, MPLS with SIP Trunking or Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Hosted VoIP, Broadband Internet, Ethernet, MPLS-VPN, SD/SD WAN, Point to Point,  Cloud services including colocation, public cloud, backup and disaster recovery, storage, and virtual servers, Cyber security, physical security, Internet of Things (IoT), Managed Hosting Solutions, IT Solutions and Consulting,  for your business in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas of Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Camas, Ridgefield, and Battle Ground. We are your best choice for telecom and IT services because our continuing consultation and technical support is FREE to your company, because we are paid by the vendors, not you!  We work with all the best and biggest service providers (vendors) in the world. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each provider and negotiate the best rates for your company through our solid relationships and buying power. On average, we save our clients 35% on their telecom and IT needs. Telephony including mobile devices, VoIP, audio, video, and web conferencing, cloud services, call center/IVR, carrier neutral colocation, connectivity, DRaaS, UCaaS, DaaS, BaaS, and others, security, video surveillance, fleet monitoring, IM & P, internet options, ethernet (metro, wide area, or global), SD, SD-WAN, MPLS-VPN connections, public cloud, backup and disaster recovery services, and more in Vancouver.

We partner with ALL the best telecom and IT service providers in the world to provide your business with the most efficient and cost effective solutions. From a sole proprietor with a single VoIP line to multinational enterprises with thousands of seats and complex IT needs, no business is too large or too small. We have telecom and IT solutions for every business, organization, or government agency in the greater Vancouver - Portland area and around the world. Municipalities, County governments or individual departments, State governments or individual departments, federal agencies, schools or school districts, manufacturing companies with offices in different states or countries, hospitals or medical offices, grocery chains, department stores, restaurant chains, automotive chains, other retailers, call centers, realty companies, mortgage companies, multi-location contractors, or pretty much any business that needs IT and telecom. We act as independent brokers and consultants, finding the best and most cost efficient solutions for your company. We typically save your business a great deal of money while upgrading your telecom services. Get the best telecom and IT consultation, with the largest selection of service providers available. 

We will be your one point of contact for any issues that arise. Our experts have decades of experience and will research the best telecom and IT solutions for your company in Vancouver or Camas, while you focus on business. Our consultation and solution designs are provided absolutely free to you with no obligation. If we can't provide you the best services at the best prices, you are not charged for our service.

We work as part of your team, analyzing your businesses needs, designing the best custom solutions to meet those needs, negotiating the absolute best pricing, and providing ongoing technical support, all FREE to you! We have no direct affiliation with any one vendor, so our recommendations are for your benefit, not the vendors. Our business volume and vendor relationships give us a distinct advantage over other companies when it comes to negotiating best pricing for your business.

Find out how much we can save you at no cost or obligation! Call (208) 410-9957 or visit

Our consultation, demos, quotes, and assistance is free to you. Get the best VoIP, best hosted VoIP, best hosted PBX (cloud PBX), best Unified Communications, best data backup, best data disaster recovery, best data security solutions, best SD-WAN, best pricing for all of our cloud services.

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How can you get a better price than free? They do the work to find the best IT solutions, present it to you, let you decide what you want to go with, and never charge a dime. Fantastic service!



These guys do it all when it comes to Telecom and IT. They consult with you, design your services based on your growth strategy, present it to you to approve or change, negotiate the best pricing with the service providers, and don't charge you at all.

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More Choices - Full featured Unified Communications phone line for Home Office or Business starting at $20.99, including a Polycom VVX 250 phone system and unlimited Long Distance in the US, Canada, Mexico and 30 + other countries, all included. US based 24/7 support and a dedicated installation engineer. (Other phones and headsets available)

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