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Blue Ivy Professional Services, LLC best Human Resources in Murray UTBlue Ivy Professional Services is dedicated to providing world-class employee development capabilities to organizations that are striving to raise the bar in their organization.  Working with these organizations throughout the year, we guide management teams to establish a vision to guide their employment strategy, connect that vision to employer branding, and implement proven strategies to communicate that strategy throughout all levels of the organization.  Whatever your strategy, we are here to support excellence in human capital management.

Tim Johnson is the founder, president, CEO, heart, and soul of Blue Ivy.  Even more impressive, he truly enjoys his chosen profession.

A native of Texas, Tim has lived and worked all over the United States throughout his career.  Having worked with every type of operation from a global security firm to a nascent healthcare tech startup, he is fascinated by the myriad ways in which organizations engage with their employees.  He has found an affinity for learning what makes an organization tick and then customizing HR programs and processes to support their organizational goals.

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