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About Company

Looking for the best Herbs in Henderson NV?

Raintree Herbs provides the Purest Herbs from the Heart of the Amazon.

People are becoming fascinated with alternative and natural remedies that support health and restore the body. The strains of modern life are putting us under incredible pressure. 

We are becoming more aware that what we consume and the effects of harsh chemicals and additives in our foods can upset the body’s delicate balance. Is it surprising  that diseases, neurological disorders and general ailments are on the increase?

Rainforest plants are very rich in secondary metabolites like alkaloids. Studies have shown that these natural alkaloids contain medicinal value and benefit.

When you consider there are approximately 3,000 varieties of fruits in the rainforest and we only consume around 200 of those, it seems we are likely missing out on some incredible health opportunities?

At Raintree we believe there is power in the natural world. We use herbs from a part of the world that is largely untouched. We believe this will help to restore harmony and promote healing in the body.

We source the best possible herbs from the Amazon, working in harmony with suppliers in the region to produce these incredible herbs. 

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Monday - Friday     8 am to 5 pm

Visit us online 24/7 for more information or to order.

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2831 Saint Rose Parkway Ste 200
Henderson NV USA, 89052
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