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We have been in business since 1985, when Brett VandenBrink started cleaning windows door to door during his sophomore year in college. After graduating from Western Washington University, he decided to move to Seattle in May, 1987. The business was started in an apartment in Burien. Brett mostly worked from West Seattle through Burien and Des Moines. His best friend, Matt Turcott, spent the first summer working with him. In August, Brett fell and broke both of his arms while posing for a picture of himself nailing a sign on a telephone pole from a ladder. This was somewhat troubling to Valarie, as their wedding date was two weeks away on September 12th, 1987. The casts only went to his elbows, and the tuxedo covered them just fine in most of the pictures. The wedding went well, Matt went back to school, and Valarie came into wedded bliss with Brett while finishing her teaching degree at Central Washington University's extension campus in Normandy Park. Valarie taught children for three years and then decided to start having babies and stay home.

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