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In 1989, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams gathered 23 team members with a singular vision—to make the world a more comfortable (and stylish) place. From its Taylorsville, North Carolina home, this jewel of a company has grown to a team of over 700 people with stores both in the US and overseas. And we are still growing strong…nnMitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ singular style has made us one of the most sought-after tastemakers in the business with an approach that encourages style for all. Our collections can be found in many famous people’s homes, many not so famous people’s homes and on screen. We are also regularly featured in magazines, TV and a variety of media locations.nnWith a focus on providing comfort on the road; Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces can also be found in a wide variety of restaurants, fine hotels and public spaces.nnBrowse our collections online or visit one of our Signature Stores and make yourself at home.

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10 am8 pm M F 10 am to 7 sat

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242 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90210
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Scott Jussila
+1 (310) 691-7910
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