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California HandyGirl

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I grew up as the youngest of four and the only girl. I love fashion, but yes, I\'m a total tomboy! I\'ve been using tools since high school thanks to my awesome step-dad. I earned my spending money by learning how to patch a roof, change out spark plugs, and make general repairs around the house. He also taught me to work on his 1967 Barracuda and my 1968 VW Bug!. I didn\'t want to do that stuff at the time (because I\'m a girl!), but now, as a US Navy Veteran who has since worked in the film industry as a set designer, then in construction renovations as a project manager, I\'m really grateful that he made me learn how to use tools.\n \nThis experience has also served me well during my 15+ years as a property manager dealing with everything from basic maintenance to full property renovations inside and out. Although I do not personally deal with electrical or plumbing issues, I know enough to have a good understanding of what is usually going on.\n​\nWhen I\'m not doing handy work or on a photo shoot, you will likely find me biking at the beach, hiking the canyons, doing some SUP, going to festivals, a game or an event, or just hanging with my friends. I\'m also a fierce animal lover and advocate, with an equal love for fashion and caffeine.\n \nI live in beautiful Beverly Hills, California and service the Greater Los Angeles area.

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9am5pm M F

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9190 W Olympic Blvd Ste 163
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90212
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Lisza Darling
424 2382024
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