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California Foundation Works

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Here at California Foundation Works we believe that a safe home sits on a solid foundation. That’s why we have made it our mission to make California homes safer, one home at a time. Our projects involve extensive foundation structural repair and earthquake retrofitting so to ensure the safety of our clients and their homes. Our professional team at California Foundation Works relies upon our practical experience, technical insight and organizational attention to detail to maneuver even the most logistically challenging projects, schedules and budgets. California Foundation Works takes pride in seamlessly integrating structural changes into the existing architectural style. Our hands on inspectors will work directly with our clients to work up an estimate which provides a comprehensive and detailed cost and scope of work projections aimed at avoiding unpleasant surprises further along in the process. At California Foundation Works, every member of our team believes that the most important elements of a home retrofitting is the clients safety and comfort. We will work with you to create a plan that will stay within both your time and budgetary constraints, all the while being punctual, clean, friendly and helpful so that we can make sure to make your home safe. Our professional hands on work ethic, ability to deliver extraordinary customer service support without excessive management costs and our commitment to detail oriented, efficient, precision craftsmanship are some of the key reasons why people return to and refer California Foundation Works for all of Los Angeles and Southern California foundation Retrofitting needs.

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9am 5pm MF

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9903 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 1047
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90212
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Juan Hernandez
323 9058102
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