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Medicinal Foods is the place to go!

Health care is a personal matter; each of us have unique body constitutions and health needs. Ultimately, we must all think soundly, follow our hearts, and take responsibility for our choices. 

The vision for Medicinal Foods products includes transforming people into a higher state of being ~ being a catalyst for personal and planetary awakening. 

Our Superfood Blends are COSMIC. Boost your health and wellness to new levels. 

Receive inspiration, wisdom, joy and the courage to walk your own path and to live the spiritual life you desire as well as a flourishing spiritual business. 

Behold, the autumn song, sleepy is the sound, nestled within the coming winter storm. Here lies hibernation of mind, the essence of subtle cosmic movements, where the harvest of abundant times is in step with the bounty of creation itself and beyond. 

Stay in touch with the "Ancient Future of Food" and the Cutting edge of Health and Wellness. Subscribe and Join the Tribe! (All information will be kept strictly confidential!) 

Visit our website for full details. You will receive an update from us on the New Moon and Full Moon, including healthy living tips, recipes and special discounts on our amazing Medicinal Foods products. 

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