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美国正规专业西雅图月子餐 best Food - Sales & Delivery in Bellevue WA

我们是西雅图首家具有正规资质的月子餐品牌, 中央厨房坐落于美丽的Bellevue Factoria地区,交通便利,让我们更快的送餐到您家,为了能使优质食材发挥最大营养价值,我们会进行科学搭配,采用蒸,烩,炖,炒等烹调方法最大锁住营养成分.我们严格把控进货渠道,选择Uwajimaya为我们的主要供货商. 食材丰富,新鲜,营养搭配,天天不重样, 为了保证最优质的食物质量, 优质的食材是健康美食的第一步,我们专注于为孕产妇及其家庭提供营养膳食方案。详情请浏览我司官网

U.S. regular professional Seattle confinement meal - is the best Asia Food-Sales & Delivery in Bellevue WA.

Established in 2018, Seattle Moon Restaurant is focused on providing nutritional meal management services especially for pregnant women and mothers. Yueshanfang is the first formal confinement brand in the Seattle area. Our central confinement kitchen is conveniently located in the beautiful Bellevue/Factoria area. We have convenient transportation to let us deliver food to your home faster from this kitchen.

Yueshanfang employs a team of chefs with many years of experience in confinement cooking, and is committed to becoming your source of the best food available.  In order to maximize the nutritional values of our ingredients, we use scientific matching, steaming, braising, stewing, frying and other cooking methods to maximize quality. We strictly control the purchase channels to maintain the very best quality and choose Uwajimaya as our main supplier. Our food ingredients are rich, fresh, and nutritious. In order to ensure the highest quality food, high-quality ingredients are the first step in healthy cuisine. We focus on providing nutritious diet solutions for pregnant women and their families. For details, please visit our website.

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