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Nortons Florist Inc

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You can have your flowers delivered in a box or freshly arranged by a local florist…the choice seems like an easy one to us! Or you can place your order with a national company who sends orders to “who knows what florist” and keeps 25% of what you pay them…. Placing your order with a local florist means getting 100% of what you pay to the ones who fill your order, and it takes the guessing out of the game—you know who prepared your order, and you can hold them to it! One thing that sets us apart is the way we purchase flowers. Most florists purchase flowers from a local wholesaler or have them flown in by un-refrigerated planes—because of our size, we are able to purchase flowers directly from growers from around the world and have them shipped directly to us in refrigerated containers the whole way. This allows us to hand-pick who we purchase from, offer some of the most interesting varieties available and provide the freshest flowers in town.

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9am 5pm MF

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401 22nd St S
Birmingham AL USA, 352332210
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Gus Pappas
205 3241631
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