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Best Fitness Personal Training Redwood City CA USA
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Taylor Walker Fit
Redwood Shores
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Taylor Walker has experienced the same problems after the pregnancy and knows what a mother goes through after giving birth to her child and how much a child needs the nourishment from their mother, but providing that necessary nourishment for child mother also need to stay fit physically & mentally.
Taylor Walker Fit began a fitness-focused blog and evolved with her as she added marriage and motherhood to the mix. Taylor thinks that “fit” not only represents fitness, but the ability to “fit” nutrition, self-care, and holistic wellness practices into the mom + wife + career equation in a realistic way. She has been honored by winning the nation-wide Wilhelmina fitness model search and had been the former ninth grade Physical Education Teacher.
For losing the baby-fat all new moms need to indulge their selves in postpartum exercise. TWF has ways for them to stay healthy in an easy way, so you don’t need to stress your body more as a new mother. TWF understands that care and love are important for them. From TWF you’ll get to learn, which kind of exercise you need to do for an ideal exercise program and the food from the nourishment you’ll get from the plants, veggies, and all the healthy food, which consuming will make you fit & healthy.
You need to listen your bodies and worship them at every stage. Learn ways to be present throughout the highs and lows and enjoy life exactly as it is right now. Meet here to sweat, nourish, and nurture your way to a balanced lifestyle in realistic way.
Follow Taylor Walker’s simple one motto “We are the Wellness Freaks. We Sweat. We Nourish. We Nurture” to always stay fit either you are mother or not.
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