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Looking for the best Fitness Centers in Bellevue WA?

X GYM is a premier training facility and specializes in high-intensity workouts requiring only 21 minutes, twice a week to achieve optimum fitness. 

We use proprietary advanced, safe and exclusive exercise techniques, combined with the most effective equipment available today and the best nutrition guidance to produce unsurpassed results. 

The X Gym is the answer to the fitness goals you have been striving for.

We offer three training options: 

  • The Eastside gym
  • Online personal training
  • The X Gym App

X Gym has proven its superiority in all areas of fitness. Here are some examples:

  • Training at the X Gym, 21 minutes twice a week for just two months, typically produces results comparable to an entire year of conventional personal training of one hour, three times a week. 
  • Most of us do not have much time to spare. The X Gym workout takes a total of 6 hours compared to 156 hours of conventional training!
  • There are even fewer people who actually enjoy spending hour upon hour in the gym. For those of us who have a life and want to get back to it ASAP, X Gym is the answer. 
  • Our methods get you in and out faster, and with better results. This gives you more time to enjoy life and your fitter, healthier body!

Are you skeptical?

You should be! Our claims about results are pretty big, so if you weren't skeptical, you'd just be gullible, and no one wants to be that. This is why we offer you a free intro workout, so you can experience it for yourself to see how this fitness routine could work for you as we claim it will.

Ready to take the first step?

Call us or visit our website to sign up for your free intro workout.
See if X Gym is the right fit for you! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday     7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday                                Closed

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