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TriCord Advisors Inc

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Our beginning starts with Randy Barkley Randy became an investment advisor in 1978 transitioning from an insurance background. In 1982 he became a registered representative and later a principal within the firm. Joe Lyons came together with Randy in a partnership with the mission to provide exceptional customer service and the highest standard of care to their clients. TRICORD Advisors, Inc. is the culmination of Randy and Joe’s journey and an illustration of how financial planning has evolved. The driving ambition was then, as now, to know as much as possible and respond to clients in a way that puts them first. Knowledge is paramount. This business is constantly changing and to rest on past knowledge will cause stagnation. In 2006 both Randy and Joe achieved the gold standard of accreditation by becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Their goal to mentor other professionals is being fulfilled with the recent addition of Chris Marsh and Breanna Reish. The “fiduciary standard” became the company’s banner and putting our client’s interests ahead of our own was the guiding principal. Our intention is to advise clients through the complex maze of financial decisions. We have strategic alliances with CPA’s, attorneys and trust officers to provide a team approach to assist our clients to make the best decisions about their financial life that they can.

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9am 5pm MF

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6772 Magnolia Ave
Riverside CA USA, 925062908
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Mr Randy Barkley
951 6847011
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