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My philosophy is Protection First. 

I work with my clients to assist them with building, protecting, and organizing their financial future through smart, integrated planning for their life and business.

We live in an era of change. And I’m not just talking smartphones and startups - your financial future is at stake, too. As global tides shift, the need to organize, protect, and build your personal and business finances, no matter what stage of life you’re in, becomes ever greater.

I educate my clients as to how today’s choices affect their assets long-term, and how making wise decisions now can help them to build, protect, and manage wealth for the long run. In particular, I’m a champion of integrated planning - the idea that the many silos of your financial life should all work together strategically - including investment, retirement, insurance, business, and estate planning.

I help young professionals, baby boomers, business owners, and high net worth individuals maximize their potential by building financial balance. One of my passions is working with owners of growing businesses. I know what it means to be an “accidental” business owner because I was one myself - my partners and I grew a successful marketing company from scratch to over 70 employees, and I wish I knew then what I know now. So, now I help business owners organize their financial lives, while addressing the details that need to be addressed, but may be overlooked or put off.

The truth is, most people have some degree of financial disorganization in their lives. That’s where I come in. With uncommon knowledge and a unique planning process, years of experience, and a robust network of specialists and resources, I’ll help you organize your finances and avoid pitfalls, ultimately building a tax efficient plan that achieves today’s goals while protecting and planning for tomorrow’s. 

Whatever the next step in your financial story may be, I’m here to help you find your path and achieve your vision. 

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Monday - Friday 9a - 6p

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7 Hanover Square
New York NY USA, 10004
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Michael Korn
+1 (917) 887-6050
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