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About Company

Whitsett & Whitsett LLC best Financial Consultants  in Manchester NH

Our company works with individuals and organizations
Needing working Capital.
We get startups the funding
that nobody else is willing to give them.

Combo Business Credit Builder & Consumer Credit Program
Helps startups get $50,000 in 6 months

by following the program that we have.
Business Credit isn't based on personal credit, business income, or business collateral.
It is a very affordable program to use and the rewards for your business are HUGE.
By also increasing your Consumer Credit at the same time as the Business Credit
then you can be able to get even more than the $50,000 at the end of 6 months.

Here are our programs:
  • Basic Credit Repair (30-45 days) 
  • Extreme Credit Repair (3 weeks completed) 
  • Debt Settlement (20-30% of total debt) 
  • Business Credit Builder ($50,000 in 6-8 months for new business credit) 
  • Funding (all types)

We educate our clients all along the way

as to their state and federal rights

and how to legally proceed with each of our programs. 

You will never be left alone to navigate our programs by yourselves. 
You would only have one Certified Credit Consultant™ that you work with. 

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Hours of Operation

Monday 11am to 7pm

Tuesday 11am to 7pm

Wednesday 11am to 7pm

Thursday 11am to 7pm

Friday 11am to 7pm

Saturday 11am to 7pm

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