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Donna Dahl Empowerment Coaching best Empowerment Coach in Calgary AB

Empowerment Coaching is an investment in yourself. Are you worth it? Let me come directly to the point. This is my application to be your empowerment coach. Even if you have never had a coach, trying on coaching for size could open the door to new beginnings for you.


For instance, CEO-dom can be a lonely place. A confidant…someone with whom you could have a confidential conversation…a professional listener…a person who is mindfully present while you think out loud…may be just the person to inspire you to step into your new dawn…be seen in a new light.


How long does change take? Just one lunch date with Donna could lead to change. That’s what her clients say. In fact, they have referred to her as The Coach’s Coach and as a Thought Leader…labels that take her breath away.


She knows full well that when it comes to empowerment coaching ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!  Some clients want their coaching emphasis to be on a quick start and some clients want a long-term relationship. Either way, each 90-minute session is designed to take you, the client, from Stuck to Start™ in one sitting.


When you work with Donna Dahl, you will find her expert listening skills and her depth of training make it easy for her to customize her approach to your individual needs. You choose the focus for your sessions. Your skills and your resources are taken into account. From there, a path toward your desired outcome is developed.


Donna’s list of clients includes a diverse population of people…men and women…who were looking for more…whatever more might be: business coach, spiritual practitioner, esthetician, hair dresser, photographer, videographer, sports enthusiast, engineer, inventor, multi-level marketer, author, graphic designer, CEO, website builder, industrial safety expert, project manager, business owner, artist and crafter to name some. Their heartfelt testimonials spread from to her website to LinkedIn.


Are you a business owner looking to change things up? Are you an entrepreneur in need of a way to manifest your idea? Are you a retiree with a legacy story that deserves to be handed down in writing? Are you a corporation with a backstory that your clientele would appreciate? Are you in search of something personally fulfilling?


Clients receive one-on-one personalized empowerment coaching through a variety of channels: email, phone and online video communication. Some clients are more like the Hare in Aesop's Fable and some are more like the Tortoise. Some are in a hurry to get to the finish line and some prefer to take every step slowly, carefully and deliberately.


Whatever your timelines for completion, Donna's process will accommodate your needs. Whatever your needs, you get to set the priorities. Most choose a combination of regular coaching sessions and editing support for the development of print matter, as well as email responses to questions. Rates for single, weekly, and monthly sessions are available.


Donna's editing services include everything from simple grammar to comprehensive line-by-line analysis. She tackles issues of continuity, character flaws and voice with ease.  Whether your work is research-based and non-fiction or it is derived from imagination, it matters not. Donna has this uncanny ability to step into your world and walk the journey of your words with you.

As to Donna's celebrated ability to coach, as well as express herself in print, she was awarded Woman of Inspiration for Lifetime Achievement in 2016. Her book, "Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise," has received numerous five-star reviews on Amazon. If you are an author looking at the world of self-publishing, Donna's experience may prove invaluable. She has already self-published four books and will be releasing book number five later in 2019. If you are finding yourself standing still or in a numbing rut, consider a coaching session with Donna. It could be life-changing.


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