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APEX Driving School

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Apex Driving School is a family group owned and operated business offering driving lessons in the Northern Virginia area. We are one of the Best driving schools in Woodbridge VA. Our task is to provide you with exceptional instruction at a reasonable price. Our goal is to impart safe driving skills to start drivers. Our driving school offers driving lessons to all age groups including teenagers and adults. The qualified instructors provide proper instruction and training to novice drivers as well as experienced drivers that need refresher.

We impress confidence in new drivers and assist in achievements of our student's goals to become safe and self-confident on the road. Our trained and highly competent driving instructors teach you theory and practice, and they demonstrate the proper behavior in road traffic. The latest teaching methods and vehicles professionally prepare you for the road – driving pleasure and mobility guaranteed!

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat : 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM, Sun: Closed

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5039 Quell Court
Woodbridge VA USA, 22193
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+1 (703) 627-8281
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