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Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology

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Welcome to the Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology, we are the leading recognized provider for Refractive Cataract Surgery, LASIK, Cornea Transplantation, Glaucoma and Comprehensive Eyecare. Our institute is the advantageous merger of two well-established Beverly Hills ophthalmic practices brought together by shared core values of providing high quality service with personalized one-on-one attention and care. Premier Ophthalmology Practice Under the direction of leading eyecare specialists Dr. John D. Hofbauer, Dr. Laura E. Fox, and Dr. A. James Khodabakhsh Beverly Hills Institute of Ophthalmology offers patients the most advanced level of eyecare available. From the attentive and knowledgeable staff to the highly skilled and experienced doctors to the state of the art equipment and advanced procedures, our modern facility gives patients an attentive and energetic experience with specialized treatment within a trustworthy and efficient environment. We have an excellent reputation for using a team approach to go beyond the call of duty and provide the best outcomes and service for our patients.

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9am 5pm MF

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416 N Bedford Dr Ste 300
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90210
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John D Hofbauer
310 2732333
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