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Best Dentist - Orthodontist Riverside CA USA    
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Michael P Boyko DDS Inc dba Hospitality Dental Group

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In 1971, Hospitality Dental started as a private practice dental office in Riverside, California, then went on to become Hospitality Dental Associates, Inc. At Hospitality Dental Associates, our mission is “to promote dental health with Hospitality” – so much so that we use the pineapple, the traditional symbol of hospitality, in our logo. Hospitality Dental Associates prides itself in putting the patient first by going the extra mile to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care professionally possible. “Hospitality is not just part of our name…it’s our way of thinking.” In addition to working with our patients, we join forces with many local employers, municipal governments, unions and nonprofit organizations to extend reduced costs for dental services to employees through our “Preferred Employer Program”;. As a member of the “Preferred Employer Program,” patients receive enhanced benefits to their existing dental coverage at no extra charge to the employer or the employee.

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9am 5pm MF

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4942 Arlington Ave
Riverside CA USA, 925042708
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Ms Heidi Dusseau
951 3594911
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