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Smart Credit Restoration is the best credit repair company in Houston, TX. The first step in restoring your good credit is to STOP digging the hole you're in. If you've suffered from bad credit because of late payments, collections/charge-offs, repossession, bankruptcy or tax liens, we have good news. All of these challenges can be overcome so you can buy the home, car or boat of your dreams.  You do not have to live with bad credit for 7-10 years as the credit mafia would have you believe. Our team have had great success challenging and removing all of the above negative items.  Also as part of our services we offer credit education and rebuilding strategies. Yes cash may be KING but credit is the KINGDOM. We're not saying you have to use your credit, you just want to have it available for life's unexpected emergencies. Our company motto: Poor credit poor life. Good credit good life. Great credit great life. Let our team start you on the journey to GREAT CREDIT!

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Monday-Friday 10am-8pm CST

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