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Best Credit Card Processing Service Seattle WA USA    
Credit Card Processing Service

Polaris Payments LLC

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About Company

Jason Keil founded Polaris Payments after seeing an opportunity to raise the bar for payment processing. While providing marketing services and volunteering for non-profits, he saw companies being treated by processors like they were nothing more than a transaction. So he decided to start his own company as an independent broker. His vision was simple: Excellent service, transparency on pricing, and aggressive pricing that would save clients money every month. When you call Polaris, we pick up the phone. No hold music, just a real person who knows how heart stopping it can feel when there’s a problem with your ability to do business. We take the time to listen to your needs, every time. And we also invest the time to research and learn the best and most secure payment processing technologies on the market. We are your subject matter experts that help keep your data safe.

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8am 6pm MF

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220 2nd Ave S Seattle WA
Seattle WA USA, 981042222
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Jason Keil
253 6557238
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