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Bobbe Joy has a passion for pushing the envelope in the development of color. Believing that makeup must be truly wearable, she custom-blends original lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, blushes and other essentials, which are far beyond the limited palettes of mass-produced brands. “I love creating in-between colors,” she says, “Like a lip gloss that’s somewhere between a toasty-pink nude and a slightly smoky mauve, for example. The subtle nuances are what make our products so different from what’s in the department stores.” Adding mouthwatering fragrance to lip glosses has become another Bobbe Joy trademark, and clients’ kisses are sweetened with the irresistible essences of crème brule, chocolate mint, cappuccino and other favorites.

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9am5pm M F

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350 N Bedford Dr
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90210
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310 2753505
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