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Since 2008

Looking for the best construction management in Sioux Falls, SD?  Want a great general contractor in Sioux Falls?  Call WS Construction Management - Leading General Contractor in Sioux Falls, SD serving the Midwest USA in Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial Building since 2008.

WS Construction Management was founded in 2008 based simply on quality, hard work, and of course, integrity.  They provide General Contracting Services, On-Site Project Management, and Consulting Services in Sioux Falls, SD, as well as the Midwestern United States.  WS Construction Management specializes in large scale building construction of all types (Steel Frame, Wood Frame, Metal, Precast Concrete, Pre-Engineered, PEMB, etc.) across Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial Fields. 

If you need construction management in Sioux Falls, SD or anywhere in the Midwestern United States and beyond, please give us a call @ (605) 275-9726.

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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:  8AM - 5PM

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Steve Main


I love the mission statement to Set the standard for excellence in the construction management field by adding value to construction projects with honorable, reliable and cost-effective services. Quality, hard work and integrity are great qualities for any general contractor.

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200 North Ebenezer Avenue
Sioux Falls SD USA, 57107
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Eric Schofield
+1 (605) 275-9726
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