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About Company

Since 1997

Veteran and family-owned, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company has 23 years of experience and expertise to offer the greater Atlanta area. You can expect excellence and integrity in our workmanship. Let us be your asphalt and cement paving resource!

From sealcoating to concrete paving, Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company is able provide asphalt and cement solutions for all your paving needs. We stand behind our work with a guarantee that you will be satisfied, and remain satisfied, long after the project is completed.


Parking lot repair is addressed simply and efficiently the moment you contact Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company Repair team. We will be your turnkey source for all your cement and asphalt contractor needs. Just place the call, and Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company will take the guesswork out of your cement or asphalt paving situation. We will work diligently to provide you with road patching, paving or driveway remediation at a fantastic, affordable cost.

Need parking lot cost estimates? Contact Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company and receive prompt and punctual service and competitive pricing. Our courteous team is available to answer your questions the moment you call. You won’t have to wait days for a response with Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company! Our sales staff are knowledgeable and ready to equip you with all the information that you need in order to make the best decision for your project. If you need paving solutions, no company has a better reputation for customer care than Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company. You will see that our customers have appropriately placed their confidence in us. Our work on asphalt epoxy repair and overlay is second to none.

Asphalt road paving, no matter how large or how small the project, is addressed with equal urgency by the team of professionals at Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company. Pavement patches or pothole repair can be performed quickly, scheduled so as not to disrupt traffic flow during non- rush hours. Traffic support and traffic direction are available for time intensive projects where safety precautionary measures must be ensured. We also offer advance signage for public notice of your upcoming projects. The public will be grateful for your respect in regards to their commute time. Atlanta Asphalt & Concrete Company will go the extra mile to help you maintain your reputation with the public!

Hours of Operation

M-Sa 9am-5pm

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3840 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta GA USA, 30305
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