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TAILORS' KEEP best Clothes - Custom Tailoring, Consignment & Resale in San Francisco CA

Looking for custom tailored suits in San Francisco CA? We create custom tailored suits from scratch with client-specific patterns. Whether wedding or business or style, we've got the fabrics to tailor your San Francisco CA  dream suit. 


From incomparable quality to a flawless fit, custome tailored garments are unique, exquisite, and timeless. Unlike off-the-rack pieces, custom-tailored clothing has a longer shelf life, often becoming wardrobe staples. What’s more, tailored garments advertise the character, personality, and confidence of the person wearing them. Needless to say, tailoring is more than cutting, fitting, and finishing clothes. it’s an art. it’s design. it’s an affordable investment – one that’s long lasting. A tailor and his or her craft is one of the most significant elements in the history of modern fashion. 

At Taylor's Keep, our primary services are creating clothing using some of the greatest manufacturers in the world and making full bespoke-style alterations to existing outside garments using our on-site tailoring workshop.

The mission is to provide every avenue of the tailored experience for a variety of investment levels - whether its your old grandfather's heirloom cashmere overcoat or a fully custom double-breasted milky chalk stripe flannel suit.  Tailors' Keep was created to serve the style curious and identity conscious in order to develop truly unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind...without charging Saville Row prices. 

Tailors' Keep is an environment where you can trust your tailor and allow us to take the stress off your plate knowing that the job will be done the right way by using the best quality materials and techniques possible while educating you all along the way. We make clothing that moves with you, not against you. If you would like to explore options for custom garments with Tailors' Keep (and are not yet committed to placing an order), we recommend booking a consultation appointment to explore our process and options in detail.

The San Francisco shop of Taylor's Keep is nestled at the crux of an eclectic mixture of  Jackson Square, Financial district, North Beach, and Chinatown neighborhoods.  We believe that by being close to more than one enriching culture at any given moment, that we’re able to sharpen and refine our methods and techniques to appeal to a wider audience with hopes of exposing the individual to a new and innovative way of bringing culture and commerce closer.

Tailors’Keep is represents a passion-fueled craft.  Without passion, ideas are shallow.  without ideas, passions are selfish.  We invite you into our world where we are able to create  a piece of beautiful clothing that transcends the expected, dated, or soon-to-be-dated. We strive to make something that you can truly call your own - and achieve a sense of pride in doing so.

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Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 9:00 am - 5 pm 

and by special appointment

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