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Since 1985

Nashua Family Chiropractic best Chiropractor in Nashua NH has been serving the Nashua are since 1985 and has an excellent reputation.  Dr Linatsas is caring and gentle with his patients and accepts most major insurances.  His staff will handle your insurance claims for you leaving the patient responsible for only their co-pays and deductibles.  In certain financial circumstances, a sliding scale can be discussed to ensure your wellness continues. 

Not only does Dr Linatsas offer chiropractic care, but also offers acupuncture, massage and nutritional counseling.

Nashua Family Chiropractic has been voted best chiropractor in Nashua for 5 years in a row.

Hours of Operation

For your convenience we are open  6 days a week including three evenings and alternating Sundays 

M  8am to 5pm                                                              Sat  8am to 2pm for massage only

T  11am to 7pm                                                               Alternating  Sun  8am to 2pm for acupuncture only

W  8:30am to 7pm

Th  10am to 7pm

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Dr Linatsas has followed in his father’s footsteps. Caring for the people of nashua. I wouldn’t go anywhere else

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