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Dillon Chiropractic

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Since 2002

What we do at Dillon Chiropractic is Unique and different from most other chiropractors.  Corrective Care Chiropractic is a completely different approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health. A true Corrective Care Chiropractor will evaluate the Central Nervous System (CNS) and spinal function. The Chiropractic Corrective Care doctor evaluates the person not only for trauma and pathology, but more importantly, for function. Since our CNS controls every single one of our cells, tissues and organs, we need it to function as close to 100% as possible. When we see a patient for the first time at our clinic we always let them know there are two basic forms of Chiropractic Care. One being Relief Care, which is pain control, and the other. Corrective Care, which works on the underlying structural abnormalities that are causing the pain, to make a more permanent change. It’s kind of like spinal orthodontics.

Although all Chiropractors are able to give Relief Care, Corrective Care doctors will search for the true cause of any health condition and design a specific plan of action for each patient. The Corrective Care adjustment and alignment process (similar to what an orthodontist does to teeth to correct their alignment) in time, can often correct the spinal alignment, thus stopping, or at least slowing down, the degenerative decay in the spine. This often requires several visits over a period of time. However, it will not require bracing the spine but instead giving very specific Chiropractic adjustments to slow down the degeneration at the spinal level and improve nerve function. Corrective Care can aid in building a healthy body and immune system by slowing down mechanical decay in the spine and helping the patient to function at an optimal level to maximize their overall health and quality of life.

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Monday:           8AM-12PM and 2PM-6PM

Tuesday:           8AM-12PM and 2PM-6PM

Wednesday:  8AM-12PM and 2PM-6PM

Thursday:        8AM-12PM and 2PM-6PM

Friday:                 Closed

Saturday:          Closed

Sunday:               Closed

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5936 Swanson Drive
Ashland KY USA, 41102
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Teresa Crisp
+1 (606) 929-9667
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