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Best Chiropractic Clinic San Diego CA USA    
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Garrett Downtown Chiropractic

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Garrett Downtown Chiropractic best Chiropractic Clinic in San Diego CA

Dr. Garrett is not your average Chiropractor in San Diego. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a similar set of credential and experiences anywhere else worldwide, and that's no exaggeration.

His dedication to overall health has helped his patients with severe conditions resulting from Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy stages, Stress, and Daily Work routines. His main emphasis is to correct the problem from the source.

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Hours of Operation

Mon: 8AM - 1PM, 4PM - 6PM

Tue: 8AM - 1PM

Wed: 8AM - 1PM, 4PM - 6PM

Thu: 8AM - 1PM, 4PM - 6PM

Fri: 8AM - 1PM

Sat, Sun: Closed

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701 B Street
San Diego CA USA, 92101
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Dr. Brian Garrett
+1 (619) 232-2225
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