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Chiromotion best Chiropractic Clinic in Calgary AB

Lynita Haaranen from Chiromotion has the best chiropractic center in the city of Calgary. They offer excellent service and really look after their clients!

Lynita has been practicing Chiropractic in Calgary since 1994. Her focus is on wellness family-based chiropractic care and corrective care. Chiropractic care is so important because it enables your nervous system to function free of interference, which in turn allows your body to function to the best of its ability. Chiropractic care keeps you healthy, prevents illness and encourages healing without the use of drugs or surgery. In cases where an injury is involved, Chiromotion also uses cold laser treatment for soft tissue injuries, both chronic and acute. 

At Chiromotion Lynita will discuss ways to compliment your treatments with exercise, and the postures that you have in daily living, as well as during sleep. Correct bending and and lifting techniques may also assist you in having a pain-free life.

Chiropractic treatment has been around for over 100 years and is completely safe. Most people find a difference in the way that they feel right away after a treatment.

Pain based treatment addresses the needs of the patient based off the areas of pain in the body that they are experiencing, while wellness based treatment looks to the bigger picture of where the root of the problem lies and how to maintain a healthy and pain-free life.

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Monday9a.m.–1p.m., 4–6p.m.Tuesday8a.m.–12p.m., 2–6p.m.Wednesday12–5p.m.Thursday8a.m.–12p.m., 2–6p.m.Friday9a.m.–1p.m.SaturdayClosedSundayClosed

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600 Crowfoot Crescent NW #265
Calgary AB Canada, T3G 0B4
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