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About Company

We provide the cleanest Carpets, Tile, Grout, Area Rugs, Fabric and Upholstery in Tucson Arizona! We provide top quality service, in a timely manner, using the newest and most efficient equipment.

As a family operated and local business providing quality and safe products to our community is very important to us. We only use organic, biodegradable cleaning products, which ensures a clean, sanitized and healthy environment for your family, your pets, your customers and your employees.

Hours of Operation

Friday:    8AM–5PM
Saturday:    8AM–5PM
Sunday:    Closed
Monday:    8AM–5PM
Tuesday:    8AM–5PM
Wednesday:    8AM–5PM
Thursday:    8AM–5PM

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7263 S Prospector Peak Dr
Tucson AZ USA, 85756
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