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The time had finally come to open my own barber shop.nnI have always enjoyed working with people to make them feel their best.nThe friendship that occurs between barber and client is amazing,nnhopefully enriching each other\'s lives.nn nnWith over a decade of hair experience, combined with my creativity, attentionnto detail, love of music and affinity for animals, Bruno’s Chop Shop is thenculmination of my life\'s work thus far.nn nnMy experience cutting hair, combined with shaving and facial hair grooming,nhas permitted me to create a calm, cool environment to pamper you.nnCome in for a great cut, a quick trim or kick back and take somennpersonal time to enjoy the music at Bruno’s Chop Shop.nn nnThank you for taking this journey with me.

Hours of Operation

9am 5pm MF

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8383 Wilshire Blvd Ste 50 Studio 54
Beverly Hills CA USA, 90211
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