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Best Automotive Reynoldsville PA USA
+1 (814) 612-2077
STAAR Lubricants, LLC
560 Myrtle Street, Reynoldsville, PA, USA
Reynoldsville PA USA, 15851
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Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant is a high-performance penetrating lubricant that unlocks seized parts, prevents and breaks loose rust, fights corrosion, lubricates, protects, and cleans. It achieves so much while still being safe for the environment by using 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-flammable components. The penetrating lubricant is perfect for marine applications which can be used for waterways and other bodies of water. Use the penetrating lubricant with peace of mind even where flammability may be an issue. For a smooth transaction, place your order online today.

Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant

Hours of Operation

Office: 8 AM-5PM | Website: 24 hours

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