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Best Attorneys & Lawyers - Criminal Dallas TX USA

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The Traylor Law Firm  

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About Company

Since 1995

The Traylor Law Firm best Attorneys & Lawyers - Criminal in Dallas TX

At Traylor Law Firm our Criminal Defense Lawyers bring 20 years of experience to Dallas courts. All we do is Criminal Defense and Jail Release. We have helped thousands put their problems behind them. We take each case seriously and work hard to get the very best result. We investigate the facts of each case to plan our client's representation. We find out what they care about and where they are going in life so we can know them aside from their legal troubles. This helps us prepare, but it also helps with witnesses, victims, police officers, prosecutors and judges. Criminal defense begins and ends with the client's story. We listen closely to that story. It is an important part of what we do. Whether  negotiating a dismissal, a favorable plea agreement or preparing to win at trial, our client's story is central to their defense. It makes a big difference to our clients; it makes a big difference in our results.

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24 hours per day, 7 days a week

1412 Main Street, #611
Dallas TX USA, 75202

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