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7320 E Butherus Dr Suite 100
Scottsdale AZ USA, 85260
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The Arizona Natural Selections concept began with an ambitious idea to evolve the cannabis dispensary model Located one block east of Scottsdale Rd on the corner of Butherus Dr and 73rd St you find a place that is comfortable and healthcare driven where patients are treated with warmth and respect We employ a team of expert horticulturists to grow our medical cannabis to the highest of professional standards We take pleasure in introducing our patients to the numerous medical cannabis varieties that are available while educating them on cannabis many beneficial properties and medicinal history over thousands of years We are committed to environmental stewardship and make every effort to minimize our carbon footprint throughout our entire operation from cultivation to delivery At Arizona Natural Selections we are committed to delivering the highest quality cannabis and the best customer service This commitment begins with the respect youll receive from our friendly and knowledgeable staff and continues through the service provided by our patient advisors It is evident in the high quality and safety standards under which our cannabis is grown and in the process by which it is cured and packaged to ensure that it is at its peak when delivered to you