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As the name suggests, Medical Tourism If you’re looking for high-quality clinics in Bangkok, Thailand, then this is the place to be. 


This is the first hospital in the region to pursue the modern concept of regenerative medicine that’s combined with modern medicine to treat patients. Hospital sub-specialty is Hormone in Regenerative Medicine.


Dr. Mali happens to be one of the 1st generations of doctors who have studied anti-aging in the US and Europe. As such, her hospital is the perfect place for medical tourists, especially those from Australia and New Zealand, to benefit from regenerative medicine without spending a fortune. With a career spanning 30 years, Dr. Mali is one of the best physicians you will find in the region.


The hospital is one of the finest that leverage the power of regenerative medicine, a new approach in stem cell treatment.  Hospitals for a range of medical procedures. The hospital maintains the following state-of-the-art departments, centers, and clinics:


• Anti-Aging

• Ophthalmology Clinic

• Gynaecology Center

• Orthopaedic Center

• Cardiac Clinic

• Aesthetic Center

• Paediatric Clinic

• X-Ray Department

• Check-Up Center

• Operating Room

• Outpatient Surgery

• Pain Center

• Emergency Department


 Hospitals also run a Health Check-up Center through which offers amazing medical packages ranging such as hormonal packages, allergy packages, cancer screening program and even a “Lover’s program” with crucial pre-wedding tests. You can also choose health check-ups like complete blood and platelets (CBC), body composition and eye examinations. 


We are looking for more hospitals and clinics to get leads for hospitals like.  All in all, MALI Interdisciplinary Hospital is truly a one-stop shop for medical tourists.


We are in the process of Looking for more health care, Doctors to work with.

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We are in the process of Looking for more health care, Doctors to work with.



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