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Parallel Profits Statistics in show that browsing through smartphones is becoming very common; it means that your content should be as relevant as possible to smart phones as an important part of keeping readers active and always interactive.

The overall format and coordination of your content is more important than you think. Many studies have indicated that readers rule the content in the 21st century of their knowledge; the only thing that allows them to judge at this time is whether the site and the content Aesthetically pleasing or not.

Often, the content is disproportionate to the phones, not aesthetically pleasing; the image may be large or very small, the line is unformatted, and even worse, when the text is hidden or unreadable.


Internet users are usually impatient. When they see that your website's content is difficult to access for any reason, they simply move to another site. So if you want to keep your readers on your site for as long as possible, make your content suitable for smartphones. Access to the site, taking into account the lack of load time.

Site interaction

This is not the only reason to make the content suitable. There are other reasons. Readers - through smartphones - interact with sites differently from computer users because of different screen sizes and controls. They have different needs. Trying to impose the same controls On both of them will reduce the user experience.

Most sites now come with responsive designs, but they are often not enough. Taking the time to create a different design for phones is different from computer design, not only improving user experience, but also improving your site's ranking on search engines.

Steps needed

Now, you may have taken the necessary steps to make sure that your site is compatible with your phone, loads quickly, your homepage looks great, all your links are there and calculated, do you think you're done ?! Answer: No.

Improved content

If you decide to optimize your content, do so completely; make sure that all of your pages are also compatible with phones; it may require that you create entirely different pages for your phone users to access because images, columns, and other items that look great on your computer may be inappropriate For phones.

Before you launch your Parallel Profits site, pass through on all your pages through your phone, if you see a strange page, focus on the convenience of the content.

When you've finished tailoring your content to your phones, go to your social networking pages too, to make sure that most readers will be able to interact with what they're doing there.

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