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Best Acupuncturists Baltimore MD USA
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Cross Keys Acupuncture
2 Hamill Rd STE 214
Baltimore MD USA, 212101815
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Traditional acupuncture started over 3000 years ago in China, and is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world. It is used by over one billion people as a primary health care system. Acupuncture is based on natural laws that describe the flow of vital energy in nature and the body. This vital energy, called “qi” (pronounced “chee”) pulses through the body in channels, called meridians, similar to rivers, streams, and oceans. When the qi in the body is full and moving freely, good health is enjoyed. When the qi is not moving in harmony, dis-ease begins.
Hours of Operation

9am5pm MF

We are happy to accept Cross Keys Acupuncture as our exclusive member in the category of Acupuncturists for the city of Baltimore. Since SmartGuy only allows one professional per category/city, we pride ourselves in accepting businesses offering great service and fair pricing. With so many companies in Baltimore, we recommend you consider Cross Keys Acupuncture when in need of a professional in the Acupuncturists category.

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