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Citizens In Recovery  - Best Life Coach in Calabasas CA

Are you newly clean, trying to build a new life for yourself or wondering why things haven't changed, and you don't have anywhere to turn?  Citizens In Recovery helps young adults who have, or have not been through drug and alcohol treatment, and are struggling with recovery or having trouble creating success in this new way of life. If you are sick and tired of living the life you have been living, whether you are in recovery or not, Citizens In Recovery can help you!  CIR works with individuals to build successful and sustainable lives that are filled with passion, excitement, resilience and power! You will learn to develop strategies that will propel you into your dream life feel, capable of overcoming the stress and anxiety that happens on a daily basis. Citizens will teach you how to integrate the tools you picked up in treatment, or we will give you tools if you feel you don't need treatment, to utilize in your everyday routine and help you build long term success, happiness and most of all....recovery!

Citizens in Recovery is about the people who get overlooked, the black sheep and the dark horses!  We help people find solutions, motivation and inspiration to do incredible things with their lives after battling addiction and mental health issues. It is also a place to receive education and insight as to why your loved one keeps doing what they're doing, and can not stop. We offer viable solutions for young adults and their families to cope with drug and alcohol dependence and addiction, and learn how to take care of themselves, first and foremost.

In addition, have you or someone you know overcome the devastating grips of addiction and created an abundant life?  We want to create a dialog with you to help others that are struggling. The more we come out and talk about it, the more we can help others recover.  Simply put, Citizens in Recovery is about possibility, resilience and hope, showing people that the stigma of addiction is what prevents so many from overcoming their own personal struggles and creating a life worth living! The fact is, addiction is not a matter of will power, and it is not something to be ashamed of. It is much more than that. Until people really begin to understand this, the epidemic of addiction, as a whole, will continue and we will keep spending billions of dollars to "fight" it. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the discussion, let us know. We are creating a platform to speak up about addiction and mental health, without the shame or remorse that is so often associated with it.  For most of us, it is a part of our lives and it is not going away anytime soon. Please join us!

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