Who are the best architects How to Select the right one

Who are the best architects? How to Select the right one? Design, review and construct a building – this is what an architect do. Apparently tough, this job is very attractive to many. You will come across quite a few people who want to pursue a career in architecture. It takes some specific traits and skills that will make you a good architect. These are the skills one should look upon when hiring any architect for their work. Let us discuss them below.

Up your designing game:

To be a good architect, one needs to be a good designer. When designing stuff, one needs to take care of the most intricate details, the colours, the ideas and the overall sync. If I Important to see every aspect as individual and then the whole design as total. This also requires a lot of creativity. One should be able to constantly think about new ideas and should know how to adjust and make things work. The thing essential here is that one should know where they are overloading the ideas and where they are not putting enough efforts – in short, they should know how to balance it all. 

Listen and communicate:

With designing skills, one needs to posses good communication and good listening skills. The competent architect would always try to infer what their customer is demanding and will also put forward their best approach to the customer’s ideas. Note that – this is not to impose their own ideas but bring the best out of the already provided ones. This is where the customer service and satisfaction would lie.

The drawing matters:

The architect has to be a promising when it comes to drawing. How will anyone put across their ideas to the customers if they cannot inculcate them in pictures? This is why being remarkable at drawing is important. What may not sound attractive in words may be astounding in pictures – thus good drawing is like a checkmate for any architects. 

CREATIVE, ADAPTABLE AND CONFIDENT – you need to have these traits in you!

Posses the important technical skills:

ARCHITECTURE ON ITS OWN IS VERY TECHNICAL!!!! Any good architect will have the technical skills to make the project work. Architecture is way beyond drawing and coloring but one also needs to make sure that the entire project is workable and isn’t just a dummy – i.e. only pleasing for the eyes but not really useful and practical. The best architect has the ability to incorporate the electrical, mechanical and the structural features together in the project to make it a success.

Have a clear vision:

An architect has to be a good visionary! He should be able to see the outcomes of his plans. The extent to which any architect is successful depends on the fact that how realistic his visions were. Thus shows the impeccability of his skills of bringing his ideas to life. 

The best architects are the problem solvers! They can get a way around things to make the entire structure work smoothly. They are equipped with all the technical solutions and keys to make use of resources efficiently and effectively.

When we talk about good architecture, you can find a range of examples from the history and even in the present. The pyramids of Kufa, Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty and many more; these are the commendable examples of architecture around us.

Someone who is a good collaborator – be it with clients, suppliers or workers; has passion in what he do and knows how to thrive in a competitive environment can become a good architect.

If you know someone like this, then he is the best architect. 

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