What Makes a Bakery Standout from Its Competitors

Baking is a wonderful hobby, and also a skill that is a cash cow. Other than that, mama always told me that when you do what you love you don’t spend a day working. So you know your baking skills are off the charts, and you have decided to launch your own bakery. But then a question hits you “what if my bakery is similar to other bakeries?” “What do the famous bakers do which has their bakeries standout?” That is an excellent question, and we will try to solve it in the following passage.

The true essence of having a business is to eliminate the competition and to do that you have to have a competitive advantage. Sometimes as a bakery, it might be a little challenging to find that competitive advantage, but there are several things that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too (pun intended). 

Here are some of the ways certain bakeries come out on top of their counterparts:

They create a brand

They take a lot of time to figure out who they want their target market to be about how they will attract them to their bakery. Attracting customers is all about the way you brand yourself. Your target market can be young, old, posh, middle-class, all men, all women, businesses, LGBT, or children.  The best place to start off is by having a distinctive logo. This will allows a lot of people to immediately recall or relate to the brand, whenever they see the advertisements that you have done. 

They have identified their niche

This is the sweet spot. That is what you need to go far and wide to find. There are hundreds of cakes out there, thousands of cupcakes, muffins, and macaroons. But what can you tap into that will help your product stand out? This is one of the first things that a lot of the owners of those bakeries that you can’t get enough of, try to figure out. It can be the way you decorate your pastries, the richness of them, any new product, a combination of two of the fan favorites, or an old recipe that has been passed down from family to family. The best of the bakeries hone their bakers’ skills and look for what can be used where to stand out amongst the competition. 

They give value

By this, we don’t mean that you underprice your goodies. No, what we mean is that you provide such good taste that your customers can taste every buck that they had spent as they bite into the cupcake. That is what the famous bakeries do. They are not afraid to spend a little more in production so that they can come out with the most delicious and creamiest cakes ever. The next time your customer comes in to buy a product their taste buds should be tingling with the anticipation that they are about to taste something unusual. 

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