What Are The Duties Of An Aviation Consultant

As the name suggest the aviation consultant is the type of consultant who works in the aviation company, aviation attorney, or also an insurance company. They are the ones who are known to provide solutions for complicated and technical issues. The aviation consultant is the one who will help the client understand the recent an best type of aviation practices. Other than that, they are also tasked with the responsibility of overlooking the procedures of the supervision of air traffic. Other than that they also have to develop and implement aviation certification programs. 

In order to become an aviation consultant, the person will have to get a bachelor’s degree in aviation administration. They will also need some prior experience in commercial airline industry, as it is desirable for the job prospect. Thew following will help you understand the duties of an aviation consultant and the duties that the aviation consultant has to fulfill:

Operational department analysis

The main duty of an AC is to make sure that the technical reviews that is aimed at the running of the operational analysis is performed. They are the ones who have to implement the safety procedures and measure that the company’s subdivisions will have to follow in order to ensure smooth operation of the aircraft. She will have to establish some new policies and also consult the management for the best strategies that will help her company achieve her goals, on the way. 

Maintenance of the aircraft

The AC will have to be aware of the management practices and procedures of the airport. She will have to understand the air transportation regulations of the aircraft so that they can advise the aircraft control system in the best possible way, and also in a way that will help uphold the reputation of their company. The AC will review all the policies and then recommend the best ones to the chief aviation officer who will approve it further so that the maintenance of the operations remains intact. This will help enhance the productivity of the company all the while observing its safety and also cost effectiveness.

Legal advice

When it comes to litigation, the aviation consultant will advise their clients on the type of evidence that they need to preserve and the regulations that will apply to the prevailing case, these will be the cases that are related to any aircraft accidents that took place. The AC will also be presenting their clients in court, providing opinions that will help the jury in evaluating the present facts to be able to determine where the case will lean. She will also need to prepare a written report that details her opinion or testimony at the trial. 


The AC will also be preparing reports that are periodic in nature on the analysis of performance and the progress of all the aviation activities. They will then present these reports to the management of her client’s company. The reports will need to give special focus to the technical and engineering departments of her client’s company. Other than that, the report should behold the financial performance of the company that cover the revenue and the expenditure in capital terms. The aim of the reports will be to make sure that the company is achieving their goals through the budget that they have allocated to each resources.