Tree Trimming Cost Tips and Tools

You may be looking to encourage the growth of healthy and strong trees or if you want to enhance the beauty of a tree then trimming is the best way to go. Trimming the tree should ideally happen in the spring and into the summer. However, other trees such as oaks are susceptible to disease if trimmed at that time. Maple trees are unique too because they need to be trimmed in the winter in order to avoid 'bleeding.'  It is advisable to speak to an arborist close to where the trees are located in order to get advice on the trees you want to trim.  You can trim the tree yourself or have it professionally done. However, you will have to consider the tree trimming cost you are likely to incur.

If you will not be hiring a professional to do the job then it is important that you consider some tree trimming safety tips to avoid injury. The first tip is that you should never trim a tree while on a ladder. The best way to do it is to secure yourself by using a harness and ropes. The second safety tip is to make sure that you do not ever climb the tree with your tools on hand. It is better that you have someone raise them to you once you are well secured to the tree and are ready to get work started. 

It is important for your own safety that you wear safety goggles as well as a hard hat in order to protect your head and eyes from splinters and limbs that you cut off. Other debris should also be considered when it comes to protection. If the branches are very large and heavy, it is advisable that you call in professionals to do the job. An injury involving large branches can cause injury. Be sure you have proper training on the tools you will use to cut down the tree such as chainsaws. A chainsaw's kickback can injure or even kill you if mishandled.

When considering the tree trimming cost, you need to take risk into consideration. If you hurt yourself trying to get the tree trimmed, what would be the cost to you and your family? One of the ways to cut down on this cost is to know your tools. Tools can be rented or purchased outright. If you purchase them, consider the cost of keeping them in good condition as well.  Rope saws are used to cut limbs that are up high in a tree. You can use them while standing on the ground. You can also use a pole pruner that comes with a lopper. It has a pruning saw that is 14 inches long and the lopper is 1 inch. If you are looking for a lightweight saw then a folding pruning saw will work. It is versatile and easy to attach to an extension pole if you need to reach up high. A collapsible bucksaw is also a great solution to consider.

The tree trimming cost can run into hundreds of dollars depending on the work that needs to be done. However, there are various techniques for tree pruning. Cleaning is where you remove crowded, diseased, dead, or dying weakly attached branches. Thinning is another technique that is done to increase light and the penetration of air in the crown of the tree. Raising is done by pruning the lower branches so that there is clearance for cars, vistas, pedestrians, and buildings among others. Count the cost for what you want to achieve and then dive in.

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